"click click" noise when printing with OctoPi Prusa Mini

What is the problem?

I'm using OctoPi with a Prusa Mini+. I configured it based on this article: https://help.prusa3d.com/de/article/octoprint-konfiguration-und-installation_2182/

When using OctoPrint, then the printer makes a "click click" noise before the start of the print. I think it comes from on of the motors, because it appears when the X-axis goes to the very right position before starting the print (heating up phase).

What did you already try to solve it?

I checked if this appears without OctoPrint, but it does not. I checked the settings and compared it with the link above, but this is correct.

Systeminfo Bundle

octoprint-systeminfo-20210625161453.zip (87.7 KB)


Additional information about your setup

1.6.1, 0.18, Prusa Mini+, 4.3.1 (newest), Safari , macOS Big Sur, RasPi 3B


Could you enable the serial.log, reproduce this issue & either upload just the single log file or the systeminfo bundle again? So we can see what OctoPrint is sending to the printer. Thanks!

afaik the mini uses sensorless homing for X and Y
try to move the bed and the printhead a bit (like 3-4 cm) to the middle of the axis before you start the print

@Charlie_Powell I will reproduce it tomorrow and create the logs.

@PrintedWeezl Ys, that's write. There are no sensors or switches for calibration. I will test what you said but what is the intention/background of your suggestion?

I noticed the same behavior on my printer when I started using sensorless homing.
I guess the firmware needs some "normal" movement before the axis is stopped to distinguish between moving and stopping.
If I start homing while one axis is at min I get a few skipped steps until the firmware notices it's already at the min position. I guess those skipped steps are the clicks you are hearing.

I wasn't able to reproduce the clicks until now so I cannot provide a log yet. As soon as I can do, I will do it.

This could be right, @PrintedWeezl. Thanks to this, I had a look in the YouTube video I originally used for the config of Octoprint. I noticed small differences in the axis settings/values compared to the Prusa website. I needed to re-setup my octopi because of a blackout and used for this the Prusa website this time. It might be the reason for "no problems at the moment"..