Cloning install from SDCard

Hi Everyone

I am getting another printer next week and want to setup another pi to control it.
Is there an easy way to clone the SD Card from my existing pi to having to re-install plug-ins etc...?

Both will be Raspberry Pi 3's

Any suggestions would be great.

Hi Mark_Illsley,
you can give Win32 Disk Imager a shot. Let us know if it worked.
I'll soon get a new Pi ready and this would come in handy.

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Ah yes I had forgot about that tool, I will take a look and let you know.
I have also just seen a tutorial on youtube on how to run multiple instances on a single pi so will have a crack at that as well.

Yeah =) That sounds promising! I'll cross fingers that everything works out!
Just out of curiosity.. does this multiple instance thingy involves docker?

Hi not using docker but multiple sporned instances.

Take a look at this document - HERE

I have just finished setting this up and have a second instance running and configured. I am just waiting for my CR10v2 to arrive before I can give it a good test.

I had considered docker as and option but this is actually a lot quicker to setup

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That looks nice! I didn't consider that it's that simple to run multiple instances of Octoprint on one Pi. Will keeping this in mind till I have a second printer. Let us know how it works when you've got your CR10v2. I'm curious if there are any issues with a steady USB connection.

If you want to do this using just the Raspberry Pi, see

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