Code Viewer Image Rendering

I mentioned that after one of recent version upgrades GCode Viewer started rendering the image of the layers with solid infill unevenly. Attached image clearly shows that.

I'm not saying that this is a bug, but wonder if someone else is observing the same and whether different infill lines in different areas mean something special, or are just artifacts.


Have you tried to zoom in ?
if you still think it is a bug
open an issue it is open source
I think there was a fix for high memory consumption maybe that killed something.
I don't know how often @foosel updates this piece of software for octoprint.

But it looks like a rendering issue by the browser for me.
This happens when you check zoom to model and ist totally normal (depends on the modelsize)

And keep in mind that the Gcode Viewer displays what the slicer calculates.
Also the Gcode Viewer is a side information. Will say, even if there are some inaccuracies, the correct Gcode is sent to the printer.

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there is also a bug and fixing pull request for volumetric E:

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Thanks for your replies. I did several tests with different browsers and different zoom levels. Here are the results:

PC running Windows 10:

  • Chrome - as shown on above screenshot. Changing zoom level changes infill pattern.
  • IE11, Edge and Firefox render correctly at all zoom levels.
  • Safari 5.1.7 even failed to log into Octoprint. But I think this browser reached end of development few years ago and is outdated.
  • Opera behaved the same as Chrome.

MAC running Mojave:

  • Both Safari and Chrome render correctly at all zoom levels.

Apart from this IE11 failed to load webcam stream from /webcam/?action=stream complaining that something may not be configured correctly, but this can be a topic of other conversation.

To summarize: looks like the issue I reported in this thread in only present on PC an only under Chrome and Opera browsers. I definitely do not consider this as Octoprint bug and not planning to report it.

Thanks again!

This is a known problem with IE. It doesn't like <img src="videofeed"> and will barf on your shoes.