Color Mixing using multiple extruders to 1 nozzle

I have a Geeetech A10M and A10T printer. These are mixing printers where I can setup virtual tools and blend colors to make another color. For example, I setup the (VTool T3) for the following (blue filament) 50% E0 or T0 and (yellow filament) 50% E1 or T1 and come out with a dark green blended filament. This works fine, the VTool is setup properly. Works great when connected via USB to printer. BUT, same gcode when run thru Octoprint, it only recognizes E0 T0 as the only extruder. It does not recognize virtual tools.

It works fine if I have a multi color model, they print the colors as told. It is blending of colors that does not work.
Is there a fix for this or will the octoprint app not work this way?

Did you configure 2 extruders in your printers profile?

Yes, I found a previous discussion about this. It turns out that I needed to tell the printer the total number of extruders configured. In this instance it would be 6 (3 physical and 3 virtual). And that I also needed to have them (M163/M164) setup in the startup script for S3D. Thanks for responding!