Comms problem after installing the latest rev

Last night I updated the Octopi software to the latest version then properly shut down the Pi and printer and went to bed Today when I went to use the printer I could not get it too connect by WIFI. I adjusted the settings to what I had them at prior to the update, but still no connection. Finally I installed a week old backup and everything connected as it should. Just wondering if this had happened to others?

What did you already try to solve it?

Adjusted comm settings to previously used settings

Have you tried running in safe mode and if so did it solve the issue?

Tried safe mode would not connect

This was on my original Lulzbot Mini.

Did your sd run out of space by any chance?

We. Need. Logs.

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I understand, but since switching back to the previous version, I have another issue that has developed, unrelated to Octopi that is more pressing to be resolved. When I try again I will get logs if it is still an issue. My sd is 32gb so I don't think that space is an issue. Is the latest version a whole lot bigger?

An please don't mix up OctoPi and OctoPrint

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No - but if your sd card was almost out of space because of timelapses or something else it might have used the rest of your free space.
And if you didn't backup your timelapses and went back to the stable version and used that backup that could be the reason why you now have plenty of free space.

I actually don't use timelapse at all. The only thing on the card would be Octopi and the gcode files which I haven't added to between backing up prior to the update installation. I have no idea what those gcode files may total. Is there an alarm that warns if I am out of space normally?

You would see it in the logs but tbh I don't know if there is any warning in the webinterface.
I did never run out of space :smiley:

I'm guessing it most likely comes back with some kind of message. As soon as I get the printer bed temperature wiring repaired (waiting for wire to arrive) I will go through it all again and try to replicate the problem and produce some logs and remove some of the guesswork :slight_smile:

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