Communicating with octopi with USB over ethernet

My company is purchasing a 3D printer today and will be using OctoPrint. My IT department though would rather install OctoPi on either a physical or virtual server instead of a raspberry pi. To do this though would require USB over ethernet to allow the printer to communicate with OctoPrint. Will this work?

You can always count on the it department to make things complicated... If both the printer and the extender adhere to the USB specification, it should work. It probably will, but thereโ€™s no way to know for sure without testing.

Hey, what's the printer? Also, any latency in that network is going to cause problems. Better invest in a fast SD card for that printer. Also, I hope the device issuing Marlin 2.0 cause SD card access will painful otherwise.

Think we are getting the Creality CR-10 S500

Are we talking USB over IP, or USB over UTP? The former mixes the USB signals with the network, whereas the former is a point-to-point connection that just happens to be a cable that could also be used for networking, but is used for USB data exclusively. USB over UTP should not be affected by network latency, because the network would be on a different cable.

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Did you get this to work? I'd love to do the same