Config.yaml camera settings

I have octoprint in a docker on a linux server and I can't figure out how to adjust my camera resolution in config.yaml. I would like touse 16:9 resolution @ 1920x 1080.

I see where you can in octopi but not in docker container.

Additional information about your setup

octoprint Version 1.9.3 browser Chrome, operating system windows 11 and linux debian 12.0
what camera settings is in config.yaml
- camera: 'HD Webcam eMeet C960: HD Webcam'
multicam: null
_config_version: 1
snapshot: 'http://localhost:8080/?action=snapshot '
stream: /webcam/?action=stream

Thanks for any help in solving this

Thanks to a post by danielXengines and a response from Charlie_Powell, I have my answer. It was a change in the stack file I needed to make. The answer was in the get help - Docker section.
Hope this helps someone else in the future.

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