Connect octopi to printer while printing


I am new to 3D printing and just found octopi.
I bought a Creality CR-10S a few days ago and am printing a bigger Job at the Moment.
I found octopi on the web, bought a Raspberry Pi 3B and installed the current Version of octopi.

To my question: Is it safe to connect the Raspberry via USB while the printer is working?
Is it possible to monitor the current print Job Details?
Thanks in advance.


I don't believe it is safe to connect the USB while the printer is working (from SD card I assume). Part of the USB connection traffic from OctoPrint will reset the printer.


You are right, printing from SD.
Thank You!
I guess, I'll have to wait.


Absolutely not. Not because it will damage it electrically, but because most 3d printer controller boards are based on arduino technology and will reset the microcontroller on serial connections, that's what makes arduino's so easy to program.

Some 3d printer controller boards have that disabled, or offer a jumper to enable / disable it at will, but it's not something I'd test while printing.


So my gutt feeling was Right.
Thank You for for your explanation!
I'll wait for the printer to finish.
Thanks Guys,


last year i read in a forum, that exist a command to connect without reset, is possible?


It's certainly possible to make a serial connection to any arduino based board without resetting it, whether or not it's wise to do so if that arduino based board happens to be controlling a 3d printer that's currently printing is a risk you will have to face the consequences of.