Connect Octoprint IP Camera

Good night guys, I recently installed the octoprint to manage my printer and now I am trying to put a camera to monitor it. I bought an unbranded ip camera, I know that her protocol is onvif. I access it through the application normally but I can't add it at all on the server, can someone help me? I read several posts but I still couldn't.

Thank you.

In order to help you, you need to provide more information. As many details as possible like the name of the application that does work, specifics on things you have tried and the error messages returned.

Hello, good afternoon ... The camera used is the one on the link:

The problem is that I can’t find a url to put on the path where the octopi asks, I can see it correctly on the phone but I can’t see it ... I also have another camera model that is intelbras ic3 also ip, works in the app but I can't access it via a browser.

If this camera does not work with the octopi I would like to indicate a model camera that I have no problems installing.