Connect Printer via IP (ESP3D - ESP8266)

I recently installed the ESP3D - ESP8266 on my Tevo Tornado.
So instead the serial port I have an IP address, port 80 the web interface and port 8888 the serial console.

How can I connect my printer via IP instead the USB/Serial To Octoprint?
Octoprint 1.3.11 on Zotac mini PC

Than you

Do you think this is using rfc2217 for the redirect from tcp-to-serial? If so, then this might help, substituting 8888 for 2217 in every case.

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Thank you OutsourcedGuru,
will take a look on it.
I did some test and maybe solved the issue:
I use socat utility to create a virtual serial port, below the command
socat -d -d pty,raw,link=/dev/virtualcom0,user="user used for octoprint daemon", tcp:"IP Address":"Port"
so far seems working

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I think others would be interested to know if you ran this on the Raspberry (assumed) or the ESP8266. Additionally, what was required in OctoPrint to connect to this (did you add /dev/virtualcom0 to the Settings -> Serial)?

I use a Zotac mini PC, on it installed a Debian Buster (Testing version), but I think it can work also on raspbian.

to install socat:
apt install socat

to daemonize it and add the init script I used -->
the parameters to use in /etc/default/socat.conf are:
pty,raw,link=/dev/virtualcom0,user=user used for octoprint daemon like pi, tcp:The IP Address:The Port

yes added /dev/virtualcom0 to the Settings -> Serial

first test 2,5 hours of print time works fine

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If you read through the link I gave you, I did some performance testing. It suggests that you might be able to push your firmware to communicate faster using this method.

yes, I will do it
Thank you