Connected to WiFi can't find the pi at octopi.local

What is the problem?
My octopi is connected to the WiFi and I have it's IP. But it does not show up at octopi.local it just says "we cannot connect to the server at www.octopi.local", it also doesn't show up in the network tab on file explorer. I am using an octo pi 3 b+ and it's onboard wifi, I am also using Windows 10 and the latest version of octo print, and a Logitech webcam
What did you already try to solve it?
I moved it so it is right next to the router and I have reflashed octoprint onto the sd and tried connecting from 2 different mobile devices

Additional information about your network (Hardware you are trying to connect to, hardware you are trying to connect from, router, access point, used operating systems, ...) It is a Netgear that is a mesh network it is dool band 5ghz and 2.4ghz I am trying to connect to it from a windows computer and 2 different Android devices running Android 9

Hello @William_Reidy!

Please connect to octopi.local - not www.octopi.local
Just type in http://octopi.local to prevent the browser adding a www. at the beginning.


If that fails you will need to use the ip address for the pi. I could never get octopi.local to work on my Windows 10 PC without creating an entry for it in the PC's hosts table, but the ip address works every time.

If you don't know the ip address you should be able to get it from your routers DHCP table. or failing that connect a screen to the pi's HDMI port and boot the pi, you should see something like:

Access OctoPrint from a web browser on your network by navigating to any of:

http://octopi.local (your entry here will be different)

And try the last line in your browsers address bar...

The ".local" convention is part of a service called mDNS. This native to macs (it's part of an Apple service called Bonjour). It was traditionally not a service on Windows (because it was created by Apple, but Apple makes it available to everyone and they do have Bonjour for Windows). I seem to recall learning that more recent versions of Windows now include it but you may have to enable it. Do a Google search for "how to enable mDNS on Windows 10".


None of these worked for me

Name-resolution hacks

I had this exact same issue. You get everything setup and try to SSH in and nothing! Here is what I did:

1 ) Hook up your raspberry pi to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

2 ) Manually login as "Pi" password "Raspberry" and it should drop you to a prompt.

  1. Type in "hostname -I" and then it should spit out your connection information. Use that IP address to SSH in or just keep the Pi hooked up until you are done setting it up.

If it didn't return an IP address then I suspect it's not actually connected, in which case you need to reedit the supplicant file on the SD card and double check your connection settings.

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It let's me type in the login but will not let me type in the password it won't let be type anything in password

The password does not appear on the screen.
If you have another keyboard than "QWERTY" take care to hit the correct letters.

I have a similar problem, except mine is intermittent: "octopi.local: Name or service not known", and sometimes it works perfectly fine.
I can rlogin to the ip address, and if I have it ping itself at octopi.local, then it works, after which I can find octopi.local
At least, that's what happened this time...

So my guess here is that the router needs to learn of the alias, or something like...

I suppose a workaround would be to have the pi to run something at startup, but I've never had great success on the pi with startup programmes.

You might read through this to see if anything helps.

Thanks, I'll take a look drekly.