Connecting Raspberry Pi with Octoprint via Laptop/Pc

Hello! I currently live out In the country and have pretty slow internet speed. Although typically it’s good enough to run octoprint, with more people on the internet lately causes it to disconnect mid-print because my internet goes in and out. Is there a way to directly connect it to my computer? I love how octoprint looks compared to other softwares so I’m hoping to get it to work. I’m running the latest version of octoprint with an ender 3 with marlin(don’t know the version off the top of my head)

Modem? (padpad)

OctoPrint doesn't require an internet connection to function so I really don't understand your question. You are supposed to connect it to your own internal network and access it locally, not via the internet.

Is it maybe your wireless lan that is being the issue here?

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I use a hotspot to connect my raspberry pi so that I can access it from my pc which is on the same connection. I’m just looking for another way around this. Maybe I’m going about it wrong but not really sure. My hotspot randomly restarts on occasion lately so I assumed that this is why my printer will suddenly stop the print.

Even if the connection to the internet is lost, OctoPrint will not stop printing due to that. It runs completely locally. If your prints stop due to a connectivity loss, it's either a third party plugin messing things up, or coincidence. I suggest to share some logs.

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Okay I don’t have logs from the time it stopped mid-print. But I’m printing more today. If it occurs again I will post logs.

Turn off network connectivity check...? Turn off plugins like Anywhere and anything that try to talk to the cloud (Spaghetti Detective).