Connecting to Older printer


Doing things backward as usual. I have installed octopi in a Pi B+ and can now access from my desktop. Can't wait to get it going. Now I have to figure how to attach the Pi to my printer. I have a hic-top printer from several years ago and have used it successfully for the years I have owned it. The control board has an identification as MKS Base V1,4. There is a USB B connector. Is that the interface connection I should use?


Presumably, that USB Type-B connector is the one you need to use. Select a USB cable which is Type-A on the other end, which also either has: 1) internal metallic shielding or 2) one or two ferrite cores. This will make sure that electronic noise isn't induced into the serial line.

The baud rate will likely be 115200 but leave it at Auto in OctoPrint.

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