Constant 'Recv: Not SD printing'

What is the problem?

My log is filled with the message 'Recv: Not SD printing'. This is a new occurrence. I'm not sure what changed but it didn't happen for the last month since I started using octoprint.

Complete Logs

octoprint (3).log (22.8 KB)

Additional information

I am aware I can suppress these messages. However if I have autoscroll on (which I prefer) they use my quota of 'total lines'. For example, I ran PID autotune and when I came back to my desk I couldn't see the results...they were gone and the only things showing on the terminal was [...]

Thanks for your help!!!!!

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This is a firmware feature AUTOREPORT_SD_STATUS or something similar, defined in Marlin. OctoPrint picks up on this and tells the firmware to use it.

Sending M27 S0 will disable it, or you can disable it in OctoPrint's settings - and it will not ask the printer to start sending these status messages. (Settings > Serial connection > Firmware & Protocol > advanced)

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Thank you very much!

It was AUTO_REPORT_SD_STATUS, in the firmware.

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