->Control Tab, attempting to manually extrude

It will let me extrude manually, but wont let me change from the standard 5MM. The box is greyed out and wont let me enter in another value. User error, or bug? Latest stable version as of 3/29/2018.
Thank you.

  • open the developer console with F12 and see if there are any javascript errors (they'll be in red)
  • try restarting octoprint in safe mode (up in the system menu where you shut down / restart it, there's a safe mode option)

Other than that, are you using a device that has a touch screen (even if you are using a mouse, does it still have a touch screen?)

For more clarity, the actual version can be found in the lower left corner when you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

Are you connected to the machine
Is the hot end heated up? Some firmwares will not allow extruding until the hot end reaches a "safe melting" temperature

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