Control tab missing since upgrade to Python 3

Sorry. I included the logs yesterday.

I have the same problem in safe mode.

Did the fix for the bed visualizer. Same issue.

Here is a screenshot of the Octoprint UI.

Make sure it's not just hidden in the overflow menu:

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Nope. Already checked that. The only things there are:
Gcode Viewer
STL Viewer

Have you checked config.yaml to see if it's disabled in the appearance section?

No. Where do I find config.yaml and how do I access it?

Never mind. I found it.

- temperature
- control
- gcodeviewer

How do I re enable these?

remove that line - control and save the file then restart octoprint.

That worked. I now have control back, along with temperature.

Thank you.

I wonder why that happened during the upgrade?

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It shouldn't have to be honest. Not sure how those got disabled in your config.

Also, please don't forget...

Did that. Thanks.

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Hi, I am facing the same issue can you tell me how to access the config.yaml file? TIA

SSH to the pi and run nano ~/. octoprint/config.yaml then use the arrows on your keyboard to navigate in the file, make edits and then Ctrl+S to save and Ctrl+x to exit then restart OctoPrint.

This is what I am getting :man_shrugging:t2:

sorry about that, this inadveratndtly added a space when typing from my phone. should be

nano ~/.octoprint/config.yaml

Ok, I have got into the file (I think) but cannot see the appearance section.

If you don't have the section then there shouldn't be anything hidden. Is it also missing if you restart OctoPrint in safe mode?

No its there in safe mode

Sounds like a plugin causing it to not show then. UI Customizer has options for that, not sure what plugins you're running.