Copy from disk to printer's SD card? Or send to SD via API?


Is there any way to copy a gcode file from local storage the printer's SD card? If not, is there perhaps a way to send a file direct to the printer's SD card via the Octoprint API?

I've been a long time user of Octoprint, and in the past have used Slic3r to send the .gcode file to Octoprint through the Octoprint API setting in Slic3r. I was running a Pi v3, so it was never a problem. I've recently added a Prusa i3 MK3 to my collection, and would like to integrate a Pi-Zero-W with the EENSY board. As there have been problems with serial speed and Prusa's new firmware features, I've come to the conclusion its probably best to go back to printing from SD - but I still want Octoprint for following print progress and a the webcam feature for remote status of my print jobs.

So far I've had trouble sending a file to SD via Octoprint's web UI. It seems the printer starts picking up the gcode or something and starts processing it - no idea what's happening there.... and if I send the gcode from Slic3r to Octoprint, I'm forced to process the gcode through Octoprint's USB serial connection.

I'd love to avoid pulling the printer's SD card to copy a file from directly my computer via a SD reader. As it stands today, I don't think there is a way I can reliably send a gcode file to the SD card over a Pi's wifi connection. If anyone does know of a way, I'd be thrilled if you could share.


I guessing by the lack of replies that I have no options. Time to go fishing!



It seems the printer starts picking up the gcode or something and starts processing it - no idea what's happening there

Sending gcode to your printer's SD card through octoprint is incredibly slow because of the way printers write files to the SD card. You're much better off just putting it into your computer's SD card reader (however inconvenient that may be). That's probably the behaviour you observed.


OK - sounds about right. Thanks for the verification. Tedious moving the card back and forth, but it sounds like that's my only workable option. Thanks again.


How about a WiFi-linked SD card?

As a random example from a Google search. (Not a specific recommendation.
No link to, or experience with that vendor. Errors and omissions excluded)


Excellent suggestion! Thanks!