Could someone help me out Advice on Troubleshooting OctoPrint Connection Issues?

Hello there,

As I'm relatively new to 3D printing and recently set up OctoPrint to manage my printer remotely. However, I've encountered some connection issues that I could use some guidance on.

Despite following the setup instructions carefully, I'm struggling to establish a stable connection between OctoPrint and my printer. Sometimes it connects fine, but other times it fails to connect altogether or drops unexpectedly during a print job.

I've tried troubleshooting by checking the USB cable connections, restarting both the printer and the Raspberry Pi running OctoPrint, and ensuring that my network settings are correct. However, the problem persists intermittently.

OctoPrint loses serial connection. · Issue #2658 · OctoPrint/OctoPrint · GitHub info

I'm reaching out to the community for suggestions on further troubleshooting steps or potential solutions to this issue. Has anyone experienced similar connectivity issues with OctoPrint, and if so, how did you resolve them?

Any Guidance or Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou in advance.

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Hello @elija6266 !

It seems you picked the wrong sub-forum. If you need help, that Get Help is the correct one. There is asked for some details.

Now some essential informations are missing:

  • Versions of OctoPi and OctoPrint,
  • What printer: Board, firmware
  • The systeminfo bundle
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Thanks for sharing these insights mate.

I would also suggest that you can turn on serial logging and encounter the issue before you send your systeminfo bundle. This will allow us to see what is happening when you lose comm.

A quick search on the forums will give you a lot of threads of people having similar issues.
Most of the time it is one of these that is the cause.

  • Cable:
    -- Get a good shielded cable.

  • Some voltage level issue between the pi and the printer.
    -- Disconnect the +5v on the serial connection. See this thread for options.

  • Inductive load on the same power circuit (mains) . A freezer turns on and causes a dip in the power for circuit. A light has some kind of switching power supply or transformer or something that is causing issue when it is turned on or off.
    -- A small UPS can solve this or moving the printer+Pi to a new branch/breaker. There are some other more technical options as well if you search you will find a good number suggestions from others.

Send us your Systeminfo bundle and we might be able to see something else.

I've had similar connectivity issues with OctoPrint in the past, and I understand how frustrating it can be. Based on your description, it sounds like you've already tried some standard troubleshooting steps, which is a good start.
One thing that helped me troubleshoot my connectivity issues was to check the logs in OctoPrint for any error messages or warnings that might provide clues about what's going wrong. You can access the logs by navigating to the "Logging" section in the OctoPrint settings.

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