CR-10 Marlin 1.1.8 - Babystep Z Issue?



Hi there,

I use Octoprint 1.3.6 and upgraded my CR-10 stock to Marlin 1.1.8. After this my printer starts to do click sounds all the way when connected to octoprint and the display switches from home to Babystep Z Menu and back home.
I already uninstalled all Display Update Plugins and checked the config of Octoprint for any possible options causing this problem. Did not find a solution until know.

Does anyone have a solution to this?

Greetings Marcel


I just can confirm on my A8 with std board and marlin 1.1.8, i have no issues , thus it can not be an incompatibility problem.

I had an issue with this config ONLY when printing Brim/Skirt/Raft out of IDEAMAKER , which is a high end slicer..with a bad flaw in gcode generation for LOOPS on first layer...There we get thousand of segments on single loops, resulting in microns of line length..which makes marlin go mad while stuttering around these loops...


This light be the ribboncable to the display shorting out some pins on the back of the displayboard. Either reroute the ribbons or tape them over with some electrical tape. I actually turnédatum them around to get the plugs in a better angle.