CR-10s and Bltouch

Additional information about your setup

OctoPrint Version 1.4.2, CR-10s, 1.1.6 bltouch firmware

Can I use Octoprint to make adjustments to the Z axis once I start the print?

I am probing the bed with OctoPrint and saving before uploading the CURA file.

Will the filament out resume when I use OctoPrint? power loss resume?

Any suggestions on the correct steps before uploading and starting the print?

I am planning to print a large Lucy the Cat that is projected to take 3 days!

There is this plugin

but I don't know if it works while printing

There are also a few plugins for filament runout.
It depends on the sensor and how it is connected.
I don't know the CR-10s so maybe somebody else can anwer that for you - if not just test it :wink:
Here a list of runout sensor plugins

Not via usb printing. This feature only works when you're printing from your sd card.

I would start with a smaller print just to make sure everything is working as intended :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

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oh and a quick guide on how to install plugins - just in case

Can I use OctoPrint to manage the printer if I load the file from the SD card and start from the printer controls/screen?

Yeah but some octoprint features won't work that way: for example the gcode viewer, the print time left display or the layer based timelapse (if you want to create one).
You can still see the temperatures, some gcode file stats and create a timelapse with pictures every x seconds.
You're also able to control the printer.