CR-10S-PRO V2 Corner Print Only


I installed a CanaKit Raspberry Pi.
After doing all the set-up with the OctoPrint software it will not print to my bed size.
300mm x 300mm x 400mm instead it prints in a corner and if the print is larger than 60mm x 60mm
it tells me my model is to big. When I hit print it goes thru the auto level on the full bed.
I'm printing from my mobile workstation because I can't connect with my iPhone. I use Cura to do my slicing and that shows my full print bed and it has worked great. Any help would be appreciated.

Does the same gcode print from the SD card of your printer work? The exact same gcode. OctoPrint doesn't usually move objects about, it is more likely that there is something wrong in the gcode. You could upload this here, so we can look at the gcode too.

Any logs too.

Thank you Charlie,
I have checked that the gcode works from the card directly inserted into the printer.

Do you have the bed size set in your printer profile?

I set the bed size to 300mm x 300mm x 400mm.
So here goes weekend #2 trys

As I said back in the first post, uploading the gcode file would help.

So would trying it in safe mode and uploading the logs.

I need to read a little more to figure out how to download the G-codes. I totally understand that to fix a problem it must be identified first.

FYI I just Flashed the card again to start fresh.