CR-10S Pro Z-Offset while printing

I'm printing with Octoprint fine with CR-10S Pro as on my two Ender 3 pro's.
While printing lets say that I will need to adjust the Z-offset (a menu that is present with SD without octoprint via printer's LCD screen). When I print with Octoprint the screen is just in the default icons and I don't think I can mess with the Auto Leveling Submenu (like on Ender Pro)

One second question: G29 works fine with Octo, printer performs Autobed Leveling.
Seems that M420 S1 seems that is ignored while in Octoprint or only after Power on?

Printer Firmware 1.70. Thank you!

As you said I'm able to change my Enders 3 pro's Z-offset anytime via the display but idk about the CR-10S.
This might work

Thank you for the answer, I think that this is done via terminal in octoprint.
I would like to see other CR-10S Pro user's printing routine with octo.