CR10-S Pro V2 Print Screen with Octoprint

Is there a way to get the LCD screen on the Creality cr10s pro v2 to reflect when the printer is printing from Octoprint?

Basically it just sits on the main menu, not the print menu.

Depending on which plugins you have installed it will show messages like percentage complete, ETL, ETA on the last line of the info screen while printing from octoprint.
You can open the terminal tab and type "M117 hello world" (sans the quotes) and it will show that on the screen, too.
Does that help?

No nothing shows at all on the Printers physical screen. Just the main menu.

When you posted your question here the edit window opened with a template.

  • What is your problem?
  • What did you try?
  • Did you try it in safe mode?
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All that info is missing here and that makes it hard to understand whether you have a problem and if, what that is. Kindly go back one step and rephrase your question within the frame of that template, thanks in advance