CR10S PRO screen without "print mode" when Octoprint is used


I have a CR10S PRO, on which I really like to tweak the settings and check the progress while it's printing, using the printer screen which is really close to me. But I also like Octoprint to avoid using SD cards and to check it while I'm away. I'm using the stock latest firmware.
Unfortunately when I start the print from Octoprint, the screen does not start the "printing mode" screen while it prints, therefore I can't monitor it without turning on octoprint or making quick fixes like pause or increase the speed on the printer screen itself.

Anyone able to solve this?


I would use my own marlin with a slightly modded example config.

Alot of the stock printer firmwares got bugs or sometimes weird behavior.

I could post some links and videos if you're interested in building your own firmware.

But maybe somebody else got an idea how to get the "print mode" working on your stock firmware

Thank you.
I would have hoped for an easier solution, as I'm sure I'm not the first one facing this?
Any comments about the TM firmware, is it improving this?