Crash on MK4 with exclude region

I now use MK4 with Octoprint like I did with MK3.
But when i use exclude rehion the printer restarts and print does not continue.

Anyone know how to solve this?

From the (lack of) information you have provided, only someone with a MK3 and a MK4 who is omnipotent will be able to help you. OctoPrint collects a large amount of information (and can collect more if necessary) which can help us help you if you are willing to provide it. My suggestion is to open a Get Help topic and fill in the template with as much detail as you can. The blue links in the template are links to assist you with the collection and posting of details that we need to provide you with the help you desire.

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Without further information: No.

You may attach the systeminfo bundle that includes that issue to your next post.

I just wrote, bud did not send. :roll_eyes:

BTW: Plugins has no template.

Seriously, how can I send a system info bundle of the printer??? It is not octopi that has an issue, it is the MK4 that has the problem. So I am wondering anyone else has/had the same and what to do.

If you are sure that the issue is with the MK4, you may consult the Prusa forums.

The systeminfo bundle is not of the printer, it is from OctoPrint. With that it may be possible to see what happens before the MK4 gets into the error.

To add to @Ewald_Ikemann's reply. You can enable the serial log in OctoPrint and it will capture all of the communications between OctoPrint and the printer. If you still have the MK3 then you can do the same experiment on both printers capturing the serial output from both and do a comparision.

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