Creality cloud not Linking

I just installed OctoPrint, and so far it is going quite smoothly. I configured the network; at first, the hostname did not resolve even though the DNS was correct. I changed the DNS to from Google and now the DNS name resolution is working.

The next step was trying to get my printer on Creality Cloud, I recently got a Halot One and I love the wifi functionality. I hooked up my Raspberry Pi to my Ender 3 Pro and installed the Creality plugin, but the moment I try to upload the TK file to link my printer it keeps failing, I sent it to my Google drive, my email and a WhatsApp message. In all 3 cases uploading that file results in the same message, "Fail to install the device due to an invalid file. Please download again or regenerate the Key file." I regenerated the file with the same result.

I included my system info as well, if anyone experienced this before how did you go about resolving it? (316.1 KB)

Strangely enough, I shutdown my printer.
Powered it back up and it synced.