Creality Connection Issues

New here with a recently acquired Australian Shipped Creality CR-X Pro.
Octoprint comes highly recommended by a friend.

Have been reading about for a few Weeks but now stumped.
Initially printed one job with Octoprint from the SD card installed in the printer,
but now it just does reset type loops every time I plug the USB cable in.

What did you already try to solve it?

Initally loaded the Plug-in related to the TF-SD card issue.
Tried a Factory Reset on the printer via the Terminal,
but now with connection issues have trouble getting a usable terminal connection.

Have you tried running in safe mode?

No not aware of that option as yet.

Systeminfo Bundle

Attached, along with a log.

Additional information about your setup

pi4 with 8Gig,
Logitech C122 Camera.
Plug-in for Camera Full Screen & Camera Settings.

I was using it yesterday simply to view the camera.
Tried reconnecting the printer late afternoon, think that is around line 900 in the attached log file.

Warnings start at line 925.


Phil. (23.0 KB)
octoprint.log (110.0 KB)

I suspect you have a wiring issue in your printer.

This is a physical connection that is most of the time part of the lcd display. Some have reported that on there CR10 that the cable melted and caused the kill switch wires (Not used) to short. I would suggest that you should take a look a the wiring and see if you have any melted and shorted cables. Most likely the ribbon cable to the LCD. Also some have reported that they needed to move this cable to stop it from creating false positives (Noise) on the line that caused a kill to be sensed.

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Thanks, Will take a look later today.
If this was an issue, would it also present it's self during Standalone Prints?
I have no issues running prints straight off the SD card. No Pi connected,

Other thing I am not sure of is what my power up sequence was on the first occasion I connected the pi & ran one job successfully.

I do see mentions of EMI with Creality Printers & also Power Feed issues from the pi to the printer via USB.

What is the recommendations for cable connections & the 5V line?
Is it preferred that it is cut or left intact?

These lines here get my attention regards the power feed & possible EMI.

2023-01-25 04:36:52,071 - octoprint.util.comm - WARNING - Received line:
2023-01-25 04:36:52,071 - octoprint.util.comm - WARNING - | h %im\x00\x00is0.00
2023-01-25 04:36:52,071 - octoprint.util.comm - WARNING - The received line contains at least one null byte character at position 5, this hints at some data corruption going on

Edit:- Have now found this...

Printers known to have backpowering issues - Get Help / FAQ - OctoPrint Community Forum

Ya, both of those are issues lots of people have. I always advise to isolate the positive on the USB line and short quality cables are a lot of the time a solution.

I would still suggest taking a look at the cabling just so you have that piece of mind. That said, if it is running off the sd card without trouble, it is more likely one or both of the above issues.

One Step Forward & Two Steps back.

Taped the 5V pin on a USB lead & got reliable connectivity.
Temps reported at rest etc. Seem to get resets maybe related to reading the printers SD card.
It listed the card & I started a job, but then reported failure to get to temp.

Went back to stand-alone to do a job & the printer was now in a state where it was feeding the extruder motor as the Z-Axis moved; as I experienced a few weeks back.

Only resolution was to reconnect Octoprint & send M503 then M500 to reset to factory.
Not seeing coms errors on the logs now I think.
But am still suck in standalone.

No sure what is being sent that is tying the Extruder to the Z-Axis Movement.

octoprint-logs (2).zip (271.3 KB)

Edit: Still no issues at all over the last week printing directly off the SD card with no Serial Connection.

Avoided trying reconnecting again for a week or so while I caught up on all the Posts that related to my issues & Creality in general.

Think I'm on top of it now.

  • Using a Cable with the 5V Taped.
  • Removed the SD card from the printer
  • & also disabled SD Card Support in the Feature Settings.

Don't know if that matters if there is no SD Card Present.

One thing notable in the Logs was that when the contents of the printer's SD Card was listed, sometimes it listed all 22 files present, other times it was only showed 5 or 6 present.

As mentioned originally,

CR-X Pro Sourced in Australia from Jaycar.
Shipped Firmware Reports as:- Marlin Ver 1.70.0 BLZ- (Creality3D)

Have now successfully printed either 3 or 4 jobs with no issues.

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