Creality Ender 3 V1 Can I disconnect the Marlin Display panel?

Hi folks, On my Creality Ender 3 V1 Running Octopi from a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with Pi cam V2. It all runs very well, I'm completely happy with it...... until my cat stepped in the select button on the Marlin display and fried the works. I had to reboot everything and reflash the Micro SD card, Basically started from scratch before I could get it all to work again.
My question is.... Can I disconnect the Marlin display so I can prevent that button accidentally being pushed again? Will octoprint still work with the Marlin's display unplugged?

Thanks.... Stay well

Cheers, Steve

hee hee
you'd begetter off disconnecting the cat!

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The cat has seniority. LOL

Don't see why not, its only a SPI peripheral. Are you sure its fried?.. the select button is really just a Rotary pushbotton encoder, which you can take off and replace with a bit of care, soldering iron and some solder removing wick. The display panel is attached to the mainboard of course via the ribbon, have you put the ribbon cable back into the correct socket on the back of the display?, should be right hand side looking at the display from the back. I can't remember if there's more than one socket on the back, mine all have covers fitted. A good thing to print, then it keeps your fingers and the cats paws off the electronics. You'll find a one on Thingiverse, here there are lots similar.

Thanks rcw88, The display did not fry, but everything Octoprint stopped working. Again, after re-imaging the micro SD card it all worked again. The Ender was printing at the time and it just froze when kitty stood on the knob. When I'm finished printing the current file in 30 some odd hours I will try running the display disconnected and I will post the result. Then I will print that cover...
Thanks, Steve

Well if not going to get rid of the cat, how about a safety cover for the switch.
I find my glcd display on my Rambo board pretty useful.

I disconnected the Marlin display and I'm printing the display cover I designed while it's disconnected.
So, yes, Octoprint will operate the Ender 3 with the display disconnected.

Thanks everyone.... Stay well.