Creality Printer with skr mini e3 v1.2? what firmware and ports?

Hi, what serial ports do you use?

serial port1 -1?
Serial port2 -1?

Just connected Octopi, but it cant connect with the printer and that is a firmware question.

Thank you for your time and HEY :wink: Marry Christmas

Have you installed OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi 3B using the OctoPi image... or something else?

Try to remove the usb cable, turn the printer on and let it boot, connect the usb cable again and press connect in octoprint.


that`s just the way i did it :slight_smile:

My SKR 1.3 is like this:

#define SERIAL_PORT -1
#define SERIAL_PORT_2 0
#define BAUDRATE 115200

Octopi only connects if it's set to AUTO. If I set 115200 it doesn't connect.

Didnt work either

So yours run at baud 250000, what board settings have you and other necessary configs? My creality 114 board popped right on ready to print but it is so noisy

At this point, most people would disconnect the printer serial cable, reconnect the serial cable and then run dmesg on the Pi to try to determine the port it's issued.

Then in the OctoPrint -> Connection side panel widget the pull-down menu for Port should include an entry for this same device you've determined. You should select that. You might try to select the expected baudrate which you put in your firmware's configuration. Or you might try to just leave that one as auto instead.

If both of those result in no connection then check the power adapter on the Pi, check to make sure that the serial cable has internal metallic shielding or a ferrite core and verify that the Pi isn't in an undervoltage condition. You might consider taping the VCC 5V pin on the serial cable as described elsewhere on here.

Always check the Terminal tab to see what type of conversation is trying to happen to your printer.

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