Cubicon 3DP-110F connects but times out


Howdy all!
I posted this over on the OctoPrint subreddit but I haven't seen much action there in a bit...

Any ideas on getting the Cubicon to work with Octoprint? It's hooked up to an RPi3, connected via USB at 25000 baud and seems to connect, but when I try to send commands, it just times out from the web UI. Serial console logs weren't of much use but I can post them here if that's helpful.

I was so excited to see this and spent several evenings getting everything installed. Guess I should've started with printer communication...

FWIW, it shows up with a dmesg as "RUMBA - ATmega 2560", so maybe it's reflashable to something more compatible with Octoprint?


Hi @theugster

I tried to get some information about the firmware this printer uses but found nothing.
If it works with some very own stuff, it could be very difficult to connect it to OctoPrint.

It may be possible to configure Marlin vanilla to make it work on that hardware, but it takes quite some effort.


Thanks for the reply!

I'll look into Marlin as an alternative firmware for this device. I wonder if there's anything else I can provide in terms of default firmware and/or software that might help for a compatibility comparison?


The printer also runs regular gcode from any slicer.

Still cant get it to connect any Ideas?

Communication timeout during an active resend, resending same line again to trigger response from printer. Configure long running commands or increase communication timeout if that happens regularly on specific commands or long moves.
Send: N2 M21*18