CURA 18.0 missing plugins


Ive been messing with the well protected contence of a box I directly ordered from Monoprice, The Mini IIIp v.1. At the price I paid, you will rush the site. It was listed as a REFURB, all OEM NIB packaging.
Oh yes, you are wondering, ~$120.

I messed with the bed, all of 10 seconds. LEVEL
I had the OEM SDcard, loaded it, found the sample file....fired it off.
I'm an RTFM kind of IT Mgr. (even Exchange 10)

I am a Raspian / Raspberry Pi enthusiast. I have 1 of the original release of 5000 worldwide of the Pib. I have the complete lineup, but no A models. That may change. PiB, PiB+, 2b, 3b, 3b+. Along with the suite of Pi Zero's 1.1 - 1.3 (are there any more?

Here we go, I downloaded the version available 1/4/2019. Fired it up, static ip, ssid/key set. Fired it up, connected via ssh with putty. Works great. I figured out the file upload tonight.

The big Rock in my craw is there are no Cura Plugins. Nor can i find them in any site, or repository. This really sucks.

Who in the "Grand Experience Dome" has run into this? I'm not a smashing person. LOL Did you find a fix?

Thank you! JLH


When you say "Cura plugins" do you mean:

  • I run the stand-alone Cura and after slicing, I want to send the gcode to OctoPrint
  • I want to upload an STL and slice it in the embedded Cura plugin in OctoPrint (included with an old version of Cura)

Personally, I just disable the bundled Cura plugin within OctoPrint since it's difficult now to export a profile from an old version of Cura. I just slice in the stand-alone version of Cura and upload that to OctoPrint.


As I continued to take one step from noob, I rtfm and found the spot to install and find the cura plugins. I did get the "cat" on the SD to print pretty nicely. I'm on to bigger ghosts today. Thank you!