Cura and Octoprint on Raspberry Pi missing first layer

I'm using Cura 4.1.0 on a Mendel 90 dibond kit.

When slicing a thin print on Cura, it will show that the model is 0.7mm thick, which matches exactly with the 0.3mm first layer height + 2 0.2mm layers. I also enabled a skirt to get the filament primed. The layer view shows 3 layers, too.

Once uploaded to Octoprint (latest stable), the first layer is missing. The gcode viewer shows 2 layers, the skirt layer is not shown at all. It also tells me that the first layer height is at 0.4mm.

Obviously, the first layer is also not printed, it doesn't even go through the skirt motions.

Anyone have any idea what is going on?

Please upload your gcode file.

The gcode file contained all 3 layers, too (started at layer 0).
However, I "fixed" it.. it was a Cura-sided issue afterall, not Octoprint, and seems to have been down to a corrupted profile. I recreated the profile with the exact same values, and got my missing layer.
I attached the "bad" gcode file nonetheless, maybe someone can see what went wrong there.

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