Cura calculated time is massively wrong, Octaprint is

Hello everyone

I have a question regarding the calculated printer time.

I use Cura 4.12 and have adapted an Ender 3 profile for my Ender 3 Max. The calculated time is pretty accurate for my projects...

My brother has recently been using Cura 5.x for his Ender 3 Max. Luckily there was already an Ender 3 Max profile here.

Now he has an object slice with a duration of approx. 2.2 days.

Octaprint shows 4 days.

So let's test it out --> Conclusion: 4 days seems to be more correct.

My question: why is cura incorrectly calculated at over 48 hours?

Thank you

Have you tried

with OctoPrint

Calculating the print time is an inexact science. The most accurate answer would come from a gcode simulator that exactly models the printer's hardware and firmware.

The plugin mentioned by @Ewald_Ikemann uses a generic gcode model and provides one of the best estimates available.

Each different slicer may have different algorithms for estimating print time and it is not uncommon to get very different answers for the same input.

You can try this and see what estimate it gives.

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