Cura Keeps pausing will print in safe mode

I have had good luck until early this morning when I go to load a print the auto bed leaving happens then it starts purging filment then it pauses the print. unstiall the enclosure plugin that is the only difference for when the print was work and now. sorry if I have posted in the wrong spot I hope to hear back

Printer is a ender 3v2 running Octoprint

Hello @kshaub103!

Is this Cura or Docker specific?

in both Cura and Octoprint

I meant Docker. You put this into the Docker subforum.

Ok it seams to be a issue in the docker as well

still unsure its print in safe mode. Im unsure how to resolve this issue?

I recommend to start up a new thread in -Get Help and give as much informations that are asked for as possible. (Hint, you may have to enable serial.log)

thanks Ewald I moved it to get help, as for the logs they don't show much

2021-01-15 02:08:40,887 - serial.log is currently not enabled, you can enable it via Settings > Serial Connection > Log communication to serial.log

Could you share them anyhow (with enabelling the serial log before)

I can do that here they are
serial-2.log (6.0 KB)

Good morning all. Still having the pausing issue. I had luck staring them in safe mode, so this morning I disabled all 3d plug-in and it now will print from Cura and Octoprint. Next step would be to see why this is happening? Should I enable the plug in individual?

That would seem like a logical way to figure this out to me, so yes. Then once you have found the problem plugin, you can report the issue to the plugin author so that they can fix it.