Cura Lulzbot edition memory leak?

I am running Cura Lulzbot edition 3.6.12 on an iMac (running Max OS X 10.14.5) with Octoprint (with Octolapse plugin) for my Lulzbot Mini 2. I just installed Octoprint and Octolapse a couple of days ago and have been playing with it. My computer has crashed several times now with the Cura process taking up 57GB (that's GIGABYTES) of memory. Clearly this is a huge memory leak. Is anyone else seeing this? Is there anything I can do other than kill Cura as soon as I send a job to the printer?

I never slice with the CuraEngine plugin nor would I recommend that anyone do so. That's a very old plugin for OctoPrint and it's not bundled anymore.

Download and run the Cura stand-alone program. Slice your mesh (stl) file in that, save it as gcode and upload it to OctoPrint.

If your printer came with a specific version of Cura then why not go to their forum and ask them for assistance?

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Sorry - I should have stated that I do not slice with the CuraEngine plugin - I slice with Cura Lulzbot edition on my iMac and send the gcode to Octoprint. I then leave Cura running on my Mac to monitor the progress - that is when it starts sucking up memory like a banshee.

I'm the creator of that Cura plugin, and can confirm that at some point in time there was a version that would leak memory when combined with certain version of Cura (or the Qt frameworks therein). Unfortunately I have no idea what version of the Cura OctoPrint Connection plugin is bundled with Cura LE, or if it can be updated to a (much) more recent version.

There's a neat plugin that automates the sending to OctoPrint from Cura. I might have mentioned it once or twice.

I looked into the version that is(was) distributed with Cura LE, and it is indeed affected by the memory leak. This leak was fixed 1.5 years ago, but Lulzbot never picked up the fix. Unfortunately due to the way Lulzbot forked Cura and my plugin, updating to a newer version does not seem to be trivial.

What you can do is disable the webcam stream. Or you can switch to Ultimaker Cura.


Not only is it a neat plugin but I've used it before. It's a cool concept.

Being the maker that I am, I'm constantly in tweaking my printer. At the moment I prefer the control that I get in hovering over the printer with OctoPrint running on my laptop next to it, watching the terminal output, etc.