Cura No more inbuilt slicer

Cura No more inbuilt slicer.

Only allows GCode upload, no STL files

I believe there is is a slicer plugin but may have to worry about settings

Correct. As of 1.3.11 the bundled Cura plugin has been removed. It is assumed that most people will now slice in the stand-alone version of Cura and upload the gcode file this way.


The Cura slicer plugin (and the bundled slicer it replaced) uses a text based .ini file to configure the slicing settings. At the time it was added to OctoPrint, the .ini files could be generated using the same version of Cura (with a nice GUI interface) running on a desktop or laptop.

Time marches on and Cura on the desktop/laptop got lots and lots of updates. Along the way, the format for saving settings got changed and Cura no longer used .ini files. To make things worse, all of these updates could no longer be separated into a piece that could reside on the RPi and a GUI based desktop/laptop piece to support it.

If you really wish to use the ancient OctoPrint Cura slicer, then you need to find the ancient Cura version that is compatible (it is still available, 15.04.6) or confine yourself to using a text-based editor to manage changes.

A much better option (that is widely recommended) is to not use the RPi for slicing but use a GUI based desktop/laptop slicer. The advances in slicing technology have come a long way since that ancient version of Cura. In addition, there are multiple choices available. Let the RPi with OctoPrint do what it does best.

I use ancient Cura version that is compatible (it is still available, [15.04.6] already

PruserSlicer 2 is said to have an option to use OctoPrint I have not tried this :slight_smile:

PrusaSlicer 2.0, Ultimaker Cura 4.0 (and releases before that), and others have OctoPrint "support" meaning they can interact with OctoPrint's web server to upload GCode files and start / stop / monitor OctoPrint's progress. This "support" is NOT slicing on the OctoPrint host.

I have installed and used multiple slicers on my desktop computer. All can output GCode and I've printed their GCode output successfully.


Thank You for the clear information.

Sounds like only slicing direct to OctoPrint

You can install back cura to octoprint, see instructions here

I have computers where i cannot install additional software but i need to be able to use them to 3D print. With octoprint + cura + slicer plugin it all worked perfectly. I understand that stand alone slicers work better but old cura is still fine for me.
The old ini file is very easy to edit in any text editor and in the slicer plugin you can change most of the settings.
Please please keep the slicer plugin and old cura working even if not in default installation.

Thanking You 2000% for this note on this Cura Plugin

It works well, as good as old Cura in OctoPrint