Cura Ver 4.2.0 Plugin For OctoPrint Direct Print

I just updated to Cura Ver 4.2.0 and there doesn't seem to be a a working plugin for communications between Cura and OctoPrint. Anyone know of a work-around for this issue? For now, I am slicing, saving to file, and then uploading to OctoPrint. It sure would be nice to have my communication back between the two like with earlier versions.

Hi @LoadMaster

A quick forum search gave this result: Cura OctoPrint Connection plugin
And in detail:


I updated to Cura 4.2.1 today, and as mentioned, this disabled my connection to Octopi.

However, thanks to Ewald, this cure worked immediately.

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Thank you!! This works perfectly and I am back up and running. I like that I could just "Drop" the download file into the Cura application window. Once rebooted it works as you said it would.

I really appreciate your help with this!:+1:

You're welcome, glad I could help.

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Here's a new version for Cura 4.2.1

Download the file and drop it onto a running Cura 4.2 application window. Then restart Cura.

See my update here:

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