Data Acquisition from a Prusa MK3S, what is available?

I am working on a research project that is also implementing several Prusa MK3S printers into a bigger setup. The aim is to collect data from different devices with high frequency.
So, regarding the printers we wanted to use octoprint and a plugin to collect data during the prints and send them to a database.
My questions now are:
What parameters can actually be monitored via octoprint that we can then work with?
What kind of readout frequency can be achieved?
Are there any other options that might give us more datasets and/or a faster readout?

I tried to look up information regarding this aspect but could not find any good summaries, so i would kindly ask the community to maybe support me.

Thanks in advance,

I'm no dev so I'm technically not qualified to help you with that stuff - but maybe I'm able to give you some useful information :slight_smile:

You don't necessarily need a plugin to collect data from an Octoprint instance - you could also request the data via the REST API — OctoPrint master documentation.