Deactivated Login


I accidently deactivated my login by uncheking the access box when I was trying to toy around with connecting Cura-Lulzbot Mini software to Octoprint

I try to login with my old password and it doesn't work?

**How do I create a new login for octoprint or reactivate octoprint and then connect The Cura Lulzbot plugin to Octoprint ..)


I was able to figure out how to reset my password by going through the first time wizard again...can anybody give me any tips on how to print directly from Cura to Octoprint by using Curas plugin?


I specifically get the message "Octopi._octoprint._tcp.local OctoPrint on octopi._octoprint._tcp.local does not allow access to print" in cura


Have you entered the API code into Cura Lulzbot Edition? You can find the code from within OctoPrint if you are logged in as an admin user, click on the tool icon and scroll down the list that pops up on the left. Getting that code entered is the key to using Cura LE to control your printer.

By the way, if your Lulzbot Mini is an older version, you need to be sure to update the firmware in the printer to the version that can be installed with the Cura LE software. They changed the coordinate reference system a bit in the new version, so not updating it can cause some problems with either auto-leveling or where prints are positioned on the bed (I forget which). This is not OctoPrint related, it's just a change Lulzbot has made with their printer set-up.

Sorry for the bare-bones description. It's been a while since I've done this, and don't have access to any of it right now


Thanks! I did try entering the API code from Octoprint but still wasn't having any success. I'll have to check on the firmware version, as of now I can save the g code on Cura and then upload it through a web browser on Octoprint. Have you had success printing directly from Cura and setting up the plugin?. I'm sure there's something small I'm missing or not doing right. Perhaps I need to not have a user ID and password setup for Octoprint??! Thanks for the response


Hi Beyoung,

I accidentally did the same thing, would you mind telling me how you got to the config.yaml file?
I am struggling to locate it

Thank you

Kind regards


It's ~/.octoprint/config.yaml, for what it's worth.