Debian Camera error 400


I have a logitech C920 on a debian linux install trying to get the camera running. When I type in ".mjpg_streamer -i "" -o " -w ./www" I get an error 400 not found! No File Extension when browsing to the http://:8080/webcam/?action=stream. The camera light is on, however I am not getting any stream or snapshots. Any thoughts?

Your command looks right. Its what I have in my mjpg-streamer.service file.
But this is off.

You need the IP in that url
Maybe localhost?

Something like this:
the above should be correct if you are on your Debian system while trying to see the camera in a browser.

If you are on a different system you should use the IP Of your Debian system.
For me (also using C920) I use this:

The "" is the IP of the system that the Camera is connected to. Yours will be different.

Yeah I do I have IP address, it is I just did not put it down I put .

I am making an assumption you are not using a RPi. But please confirm.

I am by no means an expert on this but, I my setup seems similar to yours.

Looking at your post, you have

Depending on where you are in the file system. You may need to have a leading forward slash
This is copied from my personal setup notes. For testing install of streamer with a camera plugged in.

sudo ./mjpg_streamer -i "./" -o "./"

Yeah I am running Debian, and I just forgot the slash, my bad.

@Adam_Donner please don't forget mark solutions. It helps others find answers.

I am sorry I forgot the slash in my original post, it is still not functional even with the slash.


What script did you use for install?

Assuming Octoprint is all set, the below is the steps I take to setup my Cameras.

Now we install webcam support********

sudo apt install subversion
sudo apt install libjpeg8-dev
sudo apt install imagemagick
sudo apt install ffmpeg
sudo apt install libjpeg-dev
sudo apt install libv4l-dev <<<< that is an "L(l)" not a "one(1)"
sudo apt install cmake

git clone GitHub - jacksonliam/mjpg-streamer: Fork of
cd mjpg-streamer/mjpg-streamer-experimental

Test mjpg streamer
***plug in your usb camera
sudo ./mjpg_streamer -i "./" -o "./"

***if you do not get errors, you can see your image at:
***ctrl+c to close out.

If you get it working from here, you would setup a service so it runs on startup.

I am getting a ton of errors, however they are about pan and tilt. One that does concern me says "Device (25) UVCIOC_CTRL_MAP - Error at Raw bits per pixel: inappropriate ioctl for device (25)"

The camera still turns on however

Does the camera seem to work on another standard desktop system? Only stuff I could find on that error seems to indicate that the camera or the config for the camera are not optimal but should still work (although causing a lot of load) even with the error.

This is case where you might have better luck switching to ustreamer. You can easily reinstall OctoPrint with ustreamer using octoprint_install: GitHub - paukstelis/octoprint_install: Bash script for installing OctoPrint and webcam streamer

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Im using C920 with the default image. I just plugged it in and rebooted and it was recognized. Im using wired tho