DECT disconnects my printer!?!

Welcome to the X-files...
I am experiencing a very strange behaviour on one of my OP-Pis.
Every now and then when i get a call on my phone at home which is connected via DECT to my Fritz-router the connection between my CR-10s Pro and the Pi gets disconnected.
The Ender 3 in the same room just a few meters away did not show this behaviour.
Anybody with a hint on this?
Can DECT disconnect a Pi with an USB-connection?
Feels strange....

How long in the connection between the Pi and the CR-10s?
And does the USB cable comes near the Fritz-Box?

Connection is .5meters long between the Pi and the CR.
About 1.5m between the box and the cables...

If the cable between the pi and printer isn't well shielded and preferably also has ferrite filters on it, the RF from the DECT box can definitely get into the cable, cause noise and interference resulting in the disconnects. How much further away is the other pi/printer, and does it have a better shielded cable between the pi and printer?

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Sounds possible.
Other printer is about 2 meters away from the frittzbox, same cable (brand and length).
So i will check if can move the box further away or if not get a better USB-cable....
Thanks for the hint...