Deleted oprint folder


I accidentally deleted the oprint folder located at /home/pi/oprint
I can't find it online and I don't want to reinstall completly Octoprint. Could someone send it to me ?



please :frowning: (20char)

Don't bump. If and when someone is able and willing to help you, they will. Bumping will greatly reduce at least the willingness.

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What you probably should do in a situation like this (assuming that yours was an OctoPi-installed instance on a Raspberry Pi) is to:

  1. backup what's in the ~/.octoprint folder structure, say, to your workstation
  2. start over, installing a fresh instance of the OctoPi image to your microSD card
  3. configure the wi-fi and ssh before booting, per the instructions
  4. reading through the backed-up config.yaml file from earlier, add things back in that you might need

Too bad, that's the only way you're gonna get it. You can either do as outsourced says and re-flash the image, or follow the manual install instructions and just install octoprint (without having to re-flash the entire sd card) and substitute
/home/pi/oprint for the venv directory mentioned in the instructions.

I managed to reinstall it,

What I did is :

  • Downloaded the .IMG
  • Transfered the octoprint folder to the Pi using WinSCP
  • Added manually all the symbolic links :expressionless:

Everything works fine since

Hi Blaizz,

I'm in the same situation. I was planning to extract the 'oprint' folder in the octoprint img file and scp it to the octopi. How did you extract the content of the .img file? And if you managed to transfer oprint folder back into the pi, why did you have to manually add the symbolic links?

Hello @rocsci!

Some compression programs can do, like 7-zip, WinZIP or WinRAR

Tried 7zip and it could not extract oprint folder for some reason.

You are right...

I was able to see the contents but was getting permission error while trying to extract. After few internet searches, figured that I've to run 7-zip in administrator mode to be able to extract. I've now extracted the folder and uploaded to pi. Looks like the folder has few symbolic links which needs to be manually updated as described by Blaizz.

I'm confuded now.

In the title, @Blaizz talked about the oprint folder, but in the end he copied the octoprint folder (he is not even exact if .octoprint or OctoPrint).

Copying the oprint folder won't work like you think it will. It's the virtual environment, contains symlinks, assumes things about the environment it was created in, and copying it over somewhere else will break it.

Got the backup restore routine to migrate.

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I think that is a typo. He would have copied oprint folder from the IMG file. But this folder has a bunch of symlinks to python folders which did not get transferred as you can see in the screenshot I shared. He says that he manually modified them after transferring the folder to pi. I'm trying to do the same.

@foosel, got it. Thought of giving it a shot. I took a backup of .octoprint folder so I'm actually good. Will reinstall from source and restore then.

If you actually use the backup feature built into OctoPrint, it will not only create a backup of the .octoprint folder but also to its best to take your plugins with it.

Ya, I did take a backup from the web UI couple of days back. I restored the backup zip and everything looks good so far