"device reports readiness to read but returned no data "

What is the problem?
Print keep crashing over and over since I setted up Octoprint.

What did you already try to solve it?
Installed and UPS for both the printer and the Octopi.
Taped the usb cable between the printer and the octopi.

octoprint(4).log (334.0 KB)
serial.log (2.4 MB) (shortened to be uploadable)

Additional information about your setup : Latest version of Octoprint. Fresh install. Nothing is plugged on the octopi. Could that be wifi disconnection (The pi is 7-10 meters from the router, without wall)

Rather than making us guess (which may not be possible because the serial.log is not complete), please supply more detail. You say "nothing is plugged on the octopi" but I believe that isn't true because you are having problems with your (unknown make/model) printer. Also, please supply the actual version numbers ("latest" isn't a valid number).

The more detailed, accurate, information you provide us, the better we are able to help you.

you are right. The Octopi version is 0.17.0, running on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2. Octoprint is 1.4.0.

I said indeed there is nothing connected to the pi because I only received the c270 webcam yesterday, and there was only one print with it (while the interruption bug is happening since the beggining).

For the serial log, I just can't managed to upload the full one (I get prompted it's too heavy for this forum). How can I send it to you ?

You still haven't shared with us the printer make/model. While it doesn't appear to be important to you (as you keep claiming that nothing is connected to the RPi), it is important to us, and we consider it a connected device.

As for uploading files, the first thing I'd try is to zip the file. If it is still too large, then upload to a free file sharing site like https://easyupload.io/ or https://www.mediafire.com/ and post the link here.

Here's the full serial since I've enabled it: serial.log

Printer is an Ender 3 Pro. I use Cura as slicer.

So quick update based on recent observations:

I've read a lot about it and it appears it is especially observable for Creality products.
Tried few suggestion such as manually setup the USB device on Octoprint, or force the Baudrate to 11500-ish, without any success.

I stopped printing using Octoprint for any project above 2 hours as they kept crashing with the same error.

Lastly I've tried to read SD card from Octoprint and launching the printer remotely to still have access to Timelapse (not Octolapse unfortunately). The output is that even by launching the print straight from the SD, the printer started to fail again.

So my theory (as a noob) is that the connection between the PI and the printer is where the problem occurs. Not the electrical supply (because of UPS), neither the printer local setup (as prints are fine when disconnected from Octopi).

I'll order a new PI and a new USB.A > USB Mini cable today, and see if the issue persist.