Direct print vs SD card print causes printer crash


When I send a Slic3r gcode file to print through Octoprint, the printer acts like its geometry is all wrong and will crash into the side limit. If I load the same gcode file on SD and print from there it's fine. Also noticed that when I download a file to the SD card using Octoprint it shows up in the Octoprint directory but isn't actually on the card if I remove it and check.

newly built Original Prusa MK3. latest Octoprint (as of 8/7) on Pi3 B+


Can you share your printer profile settings with us?


Here are the settings in Octoprint:

Prusa Original MK3

Print Bed & Build Volume
Form Factor= Rectangular
Origin= Lower Left
Heated Bed= Yes
Print Volume
Custom Bounding Box =No

X=6000 Inverted= No
Y=6000 Inverted=No
Z=200 Inverted= No
E=300 Inverted=No

Hot End and Extruder
Nozzle Diameter=0.4
Number of Extruders=1


Not sure if it's useful, but the known profile page from Ewald earlier has the Height at 200mm rather than 210mm.

I think I would make sure to home all motors before starting the print.


Actually, the MK3 makes 210mm in height.
And the Slic3r usually homes at the beginning as well it initiates a bed leveling.

I think a serial log could be helpful. Maybe some lines get lost during the transmission form OctoPrint to the MK3

The issue with not accessible SD card already has discussion here


Interesting about the different measures. I took mine from the Prusa support forum which has the X axis as 250mm and Z as 210mm. This also matches the published specs for this printer.

I will see if I can recreate the issue and capture a serial log. I can see if Octoprint is taking over control instead of just loading a file, then homing the printer may be the trick.