Direct print vs SD card print causes printer crash

When I send a Slic3r gcode file to print through Octoprint, the printer acts like its geometry is all wrong and will crash into the side limit. If I load the same gcode file on SD and print from there it's fine. Also noticed that when I download a file to the SD card using Octoprint it shows up in the Octoprint directory but isn't actually on the card if I remove it and check.

newly built Original Prusa MK3. latest Octoprint (as of 8/7) on Pi3 B+

Can you share your printer profile settings with us?


Here are the settings in Octoprint:

Prusa Original MK3

Print Bed & Build Volume
Form Factor= Rectangular
Origin= Lower Left
Heated Bed= Yes
Print Volume
Custom Bounding Box =No

X=6000 Inverted= No
Y=6000 Inverted=No
Z=200 Inverted= No
E=300 Inverted=No

Hot End and Extruder
Nozzle Diameter=0.4
Number of Extruders=1

Not sure if it's useful, but the known profile page from Ewald earlier has the Height at 200mm rather than 210mm.

I think I would make sure to home all motors before starting the print.

Actually, the MK3 makes 210mm in height.
And the Slic3r usually homes at the beginning as well it initiates a bed leveling.

I think a serial log could be helpful. Maybe some lines get lost during the transmission form OctoPrint to the MK3

The issue with not accessible SD card already has discussion here

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Interesting about the different measures. I took mine from the Prusa support forum which has the X axis as 250mm and Z as 210mm. This also matches the published specs for this printer.

I will see if I can recreate the issue and capture a serial log. I can see if Octoprint is taking over control instead of just loading a file, then homing the printer may be the trick.