Disable first OctoPrint login


What is the problem?
I'd like to disable the first login on OctoPrint { VIEW SCREEN } because of the TFT screen.
Once done the first manual login, the second is already automatic.

What did you already try to solve it?

  1. accessControl: enabled: true, with username administrator

  2. OctoPrint-ForceLogin plugin

Additional information about your setup
Octoprint version: v 1.3.10
OctoPi version: v 0.15.1 on RaspbPi 3 B+ rev. 1.3
Printer, firmware: Marlin fw 1.1.9

Thank you in advance.



You might mention if you're using, say, TouchUI in order to put something on your local display. And then I think I'd suggest that you could consider adding a feature request on their repository asking them to add the feature or a local login.


Yes, i'm using TouchUI, but I don't think it's relevant for this topic because I have the same login problem on every browser.

I'm using OctoPrint on a LAN (not connected to internet), so I need to remove that login.

Why is this so difficult to do?


"I live in a rough neighborhood so I keep my car locked whenever I get out of it. But that's an inconvenience to me. Is it possible that my car can unlock itself automatically for the first person who walks up to it in the morning?"

This is essentially what you're asking. You either have User Access or you don't. The current wisdom is to turn off the ForceLogin plugin if you don't want to force someone to log in first.


I have disabled ForceLogin plugin time ago, it was just a try, but it's not the point of my question.

I know that this system is not secure for most of people and I appreciate your advice, but I know what I'm doing and I need to disable the login anyway.

This login started with the last version of OctoPrint but I don't want to install and stay on an older version;
so, returning on the topic, it's possible to disable the "new"/first login?


Anything's possible by:

  • writing a plugin
  • convincing foosel to change OctoPrint
  • convincing the TouchUI plugin to change their plugin
  • forking/updating any of the above.

Otherwise, no.