Disable login with usename & password?


I apologize if this has already been discussed. I dilligently tried to search for it but couldn't find what I needed.

I have three pi's runing Octopi. Two of those have never required a login, the other I changed one of the config files so that I don't need to log in. I can't remember what I did or where I learned how to do it. Can someone refresh my memory on what to change? I'm setting up another with a 5" HDMI touch screen so that I can work Octopi while at the printer (PC is in another room). Thanks.


Do you mean the back end login of the system,
or the front end of OctoPrint?

BTW: I never had problems with several OctoPrint installations and the logins. The Waterfox browser can handle several login informations without trouble. And it's more secure anyway.