Disable safe mode on startup

Is there a way I can make sure that safe mode is not used when starting Octoprint?

I use Octoprint via windows in python virtual environments, but sometimes after rebooting the server, or shutting down the instance for whatever reason, the Octoprint instance will come back online in safe mode. Even after shutting down each Octoprint.exe instance in task manager and then relaunching them again, it might still launch in Safe Mode, which means i have to sit closing and re-opening it until it decides to work normally.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with my install. All addons are fine, it's not that I'm trying to brush over a problem, it's purely because Octoprint keeps thinking it wasn't shut down properly and refuses to start normally (because of the windows environment thing).

I'd just like a switch or way of editing the config files to tell it to stop launching in Safe Mode if possible?


Hello @Vantage-DS !

When OctoPrint always starts ins safe mode, there is an issue that forces OctoPrint to start in safe mode.

Sadly you deleted the template when you opened this thread. It asked for the systeminfo bundle (logs). These are quite helpful to fix a problem like this.

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There is no real issue with Ocotoprint which is why i didn't post any logs. It's just complaining that it wasn't shut down properly last time so it keeps starting in safe mode.

The problem I have is that because i run it in windows, the only way of stopping Octoprint is by using "End Task" on the .exe in task manager.... Which has a 50/50 chance of triggering Octoprint to start in safe mode again... So i'm in a loop of starting it and stopping it until it works.

Safe mode is not triggered by bad shutdown of OctoPrint, it is triggered when it can't start up properly and so tries again in safe mode. So, it would be helpful to upload the log files. It's not because you are running it in windows, it is written to work on all platforms.

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Sorry you're both right, I've completely jumped the gun here!

I've skimmed the log file and it did actually complain about the filament manager plugin manager.
I'll remove this from all my Octoprint instances and see if this was the cause. What threw me off was that like i say, it's 50/50 whether it works. If it was a bad plugin I'd have thought it just refused every time.

If not, I'll post my logs and you can tell me how stupid i was :grin:

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Are you using an external database like PostgreSQL for your filament manager instance? If so, this could be just a timing issue between Octoprint's startup and the external database server startup.