Display fault layer - version 1.3.8


don’t be angry … the difference in layer height and layer number is 1.

I prefer the beginning of layer count with 1 not with 0 :wink:

Thanks for good work and have fun


That's interesting. I'm guessing that the layer count which begins at zero comes from the slicer and that OctoPrint is just reporting what it's seeing.

The problem is when you try to restart a print job and you need to start on the exact point where it was printing earlier. Personally, I'd prefer it if OctoPrint didn't add one to what it was telling me. But I'm a coder. :man_shrugging:

Sorry - but is not interesting ... I understand that you are a coder because your answer ist not helpful. Can you solve the problem or not? Octoprint don't read the GCODE-information twice. The difference from 1 layer from "actually height" and "layer" is the (small) fault.

I'm not the author of the software.

I am the author of the software but honestly after this sentence I'm no longer inclined to help.

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