Display line number on an led display on Pi?

Looking to find out who has the ability to add some code to OctoPrint so that it displays the layer number on an LED Hat. or if thats even possible? The hat is called a Rainbow Hat from AndroidThings.

This would be wonderful for manually changing colors which I do way to often.

Rainbow Hat

Hi @ADunn,

I have only a "Sense Hat" on one of my Raspi, but not a "Rainbow Hat".

So, if you sponsors my a "Rainbow Hat" I can implement the functionality in my Plugin DisplayLayerProgress :wink:

Or you can write your own plugin/python-script and read the layer-information from DLP (GitHub - OllisGit/OctoPrint-DisplayLayerProgress: OctoPrint-Plugin) and "push" the info to your "Rainbow Hat"... if you have question how to do this, I (or others) can give you more insight how to develop in python.

What would the cost be in your region for a hat? Sorry took so long to get back to you..

I did some research and found a more cheaper and specific solution.
Because the "Rainbow Hat" cost around 40Euros (German Amazon) and it includes sensors, that are not used for just displaying the layer-number.

In the Plugin-Repository I found two alternatives and for both plugins I have already the hardware in my "e-box" (costs less then 5 Euros, incl. shipping)
So, only some "simple" Software-Development must be done :wink:

The second display is a little bit small (0.96" i2c OLED display), so I will start playing around with the 1602-Display.

Hardware is already running :wink:

Now I need to create a PullRequest for the LCD-Plugin.

Those are awesome.. I shall order mine now.. Thank you for the help..

PR is created: Showing Layer-Info by OllisGit · Pull Request #26 · n3bojs4/octoprint-LCD1602 · GitHub
Now the plugin supports the output of layers. I also added a wiring diagramm to the readme, so it should be pretty easy to setup the hardware.