Does anyone access his octopi through the cloud?


What is the problem?
I'd like to access my octopi through the internet using a proxy in the cloud.
Since AWS or Google Cloud make it really simple to set up a server with a static ip or even a nice Url, i would like to register the octipi on my cloud server and access octopi through the cloud server. Since you can create Images of the server and publish them, everyone could set up a server in the cloud without much effort.

What did you already try to solve it?
Just thought about it and did some research.

  • You need something like a discovery service[1] [2] on the cloud server and octopi has to register itself, because the ISP change you IP every 24h (at least for me). The ip address of the cloud sever doesn't change.
  • octopi creates a reverse tunnel to the cloud server (like ngrock), so there's no need to configure portforwarding on the router.
  • set up a reverse proxy (nginx) with authentication mechanism

EDIT: I think there's no need for a service discovery. A secure tunnel should be sufficient.



I'm not quite following what-talks-to-what. A diagram of the pieces might help to visually see what is involved.

OctoPrint plugin that connects OctoPrint to the Polar3D cloud. You easily monitor your printer from outside your LAN without arcane setup of port forwarding, etc. Plus, take advantage of the rapidly evolving Polar Cloud capabilities and UI.

Robo 3D did some testing with Polar3D (OctoPrint-PolarCloud)

Connect your OctoPrint device to the AstroPrint 3D Printing Cloud

They also did some testing with AstroPrint (OctoPrint-AstroPrint)

I personally built an Amazon Alexa app which uses the cloud to do voice control of the printer. It looks a bit like this. I intend to create a public website which will be another endpoint; imagine that the first three boxes below would be replaced by a browser and a public website, in other words.

Echo Dot -> Amazon Skill -> Lambda function -> firewall -> octo-proxy -> printer

  ┌──────┐   ┌─────┐   ┌───┐   ┌────┐   ┌─────┐   ┌─────────┐
  │ Echo │ ⇄ │ ASK │ ⇄ │ ƛ │ ⇄ │ FW │ ⇄ │ o-p │ ⇄ │ printer │
  └──────┘   └─────┘   └───┘   └────┘   └─────┘   └─────────┘